We provide business support services to help you run and improve your customer operations.

  • Operations Support Services
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Agent Performance and Experience
  • Operationalizing relevant technology

ON Solutions is focused on those companies, regardless of industry, that truly prefer a committed, knowledgeable, and focused partner to help them solve business challenges. Although we are not the largest or flashiest consulting group, we use every single client engagement — brick by brick — as an opportunity to deliver and therefore to build trust and a growing client base.

We differentiate through our approach and focus.

  • Our approach combines the innovation of technology, the art and knowledge of management competencies, and the rigor of methodology to create and implement comprehensive solutions for our clients. We know that a successful solution involves considering all aspects of people, process and systems as opposed to just one aspect in a silo.
  • Our focus is on companies who themselves want to focus on their customers to make their businesses grow and thrive. Services for your contact center, analytics and business intelligence, robotic process automation, Latin American market expertise and customer experience management are all elements that are likely critical in helping your operation provide more customer satisfaction, customer retention, and ultimately more customer lifetime value while improving efficiency.

A six-dimensional reference model

Over the years, we have developed and refined a reference model that consolidates experiences learned and best practices both in the market and from common international standards (COPC, EN15838, ISO18295 . . .).


Service definition
Definition of customer-related objectives and KPIs
Quality measurements
Process modeling
Customer Journeys
Experience Mapping
Contact channel design
Operational customer segmentation

Organization and people

Organizational modeling linked with process and systems
Employee Experience
Professional Development
Cultural transformation

Operations Management

Knowledge management
Performance scorecard development
Forecasting and Planning
Security Management
Business Continuity Planning
Workforce Management

Vendor Management

Business-aligned contracting
Competitive Bid processes (RFP, RFI, RFQ)


Physical resources and services needed to deliver a service


Telecommunications and systems aligned with processes and business strategy.
Voice, data network design and implementation
Systems integration and Software development systems supporting the operation and customers.
Contact Center architecture

Industries served

While our approach and focus is applicable across multiple industries and disciplines, we have specific experiences we can share with you for your particular case. Get in touch with us to learn more!

  • Contact Center
  • Fin-tech
  • Health-tech
  • Something-tech
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Resources
  • Industrials
  • Consumer Products
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Entertainment

Sample Services by Business Type

Business TypeSample Relevant Services
SaaS Providers– Churn management
– Customer Operations Management
– Interim Management
– Customer touchpoint management
– Organizational Design and implementation
Equity investments (PEs/VCs)– Interim Management
– Turnaround projects
– Operational Audits
– Infrastructure and applications Audits
– Organizational design and implementation
– Product/Service Strategy
Outsourcing Companies/BPOs– Operational Audits
– Employee Engagement programs
– Interim Management
– Improvement Projects
– Balanced Scorecard
– Agent, Team, Management KPIs and tools
– Workforce Management Process
– Gamification
– Contact Center Architecture
– Cloud solutions
Start-ups and “x”-tech companies– Help setting up your customer service organization
– Interim Management and permanent Ops Leader selection and onboarding
– Customer Support Channel design and implementation
– Customer Support processes and tools
– Organizational design and development
– Customer journey mapping and design
Traditional Retailers– Operational audits and improvement programs
– Digital Transformation program
– Customer Experience program
– Voice of Customer and customer analytics
– Global Service design
– Latin American Site Services