• Analytics and Business intelligence

    Operations Support Services

    ON Solutions’ subject matter experts can be an additional temporary resource to help you get by a peak time or an objective external voice as you drive positive change.
    - Operational audits and improvement plans
    - RFP project office
    - Latin American site services
    - Analytics and Business intelligence
    - Workforce management
    - Interim Management

  • Robotics and Automation

    Operationalizing relevant technologies

    Technology can be ineffective and even counterproductive if it is not operationalized compatibly with processes, organization and people. ON Solutions’ has expertise in making sure the technology is relevant and used to optimize your operational results.
    - Process and people alignment with systems
    - Process improvement
    - Robotic automation, AI
    - Omni-channel customer service
    - Contact Center support systems

  • Customer Experience Management

    Sustainable business growth depends on happy and loyal customers. ON Solutions can help you define, build and implement your operational sales and service experience to improve customer satisfaction, engagement and reputation.
    - Customer Journey Mapping
    - Customer experience channel design and implementation
    - Voice of Customer programs, analytics and business intelligence
    - Customer Success programs, churn management

  • Agent performance and experience

    The agent role is changing, the agent profile evolving. Are you keeping ahead of the curve?
    - Employee Experience
    - 360 feedback
    - Professional development, career path programs
    - Management and self-management tools
    - Gamification

Celebrating 13 years of service. . .


What We Do

We provide business support services to help you run and improve your customer operations.
- Operations Support Services
- Customer Experience Management
- Agent Performance and Experience
- Operationalizing relevant technology


ON Solutions’ mission is to help our clients improve their customer experience by creating, reviewing, implementing and improving their customer operations, using proven methodologies that drive results.



To be a recognized global business services leader in helping businesses improve their operations, through technology, improved management competencies, and methodology.



Projects Completed


5-year CAGR


Some of the fantastic brands that have entrusted us with serving them


Process Improvement for Customer Service.

RFP project management.
Process improvement of Customer Service and Logistics.

Iberia Airlines

Diagnostic review of operations. Workforce management methodology. Process modeling.

RFP Project management. CRM Solution implementation. Process Modelling.

Diagnostic review of operations and functional architecture.

Customer Services process improvement. RFP Project management. Demand forecast modeling.

Schibsted Media Group

Customer Service group consolidation and integration.

Diagnostic operational review and improvements for member acquisition and retention.


Diagnostic review of Contact Center Operations. Project Management of vendor bidding process.

Support for CRM system implementation. Knowledge management. Process Model development.

Design, implementation and outsourcing of Customer Service processes for Premier.

RFP Project Management. Implemented operational launch for Customer Service. Support the definition and construction of the functional architecture for the Smart Cities Project.



We provide business support services to help you run and improve your customer operations.
- Operations Support Services
- Customer Experience Management
- Agent Performance and Experience
- Operationalizing relevant technology

ON Solutions is focused on those companies, regardless of industry, that truly prefer a committed, knowledgeable, and focused partner to help them solve business challenges. Although we are not the largest or flashiest consulting group, we use every single client engagement — brick by brick — as an opportunity to deliver and therefore to build trust and a growing client base.

We differentiate through our approach and focus.

Our approach combines the innovation of technology, the art and knowledge of management competencies, and the rigor of methodology to create and implement comprehensive solutions for our clients. We know that a successful solution involves considering all aspects of people, process and systems as opposed to just one aspect in a silo.

Our focus is on companies who themselves want to focus on their customers to make their businesses grow and thrive. Services for your contact center, analytics and business intelligence, robotic process automation, Latin American market expertise and customer experience management are all elements that are likely critical in helping your operation provide more customer satisfaction, customer retention, and ultimately more customer lifetime value while improving efficiency.

A six-dimensional reference model

Over the years, we have developed and refined a reference model that consolidates experiences learned and best practices both in the market and from common international standards (COPC, EN15838, ISO18295 . . .).


Service definition.
Definition of customer-related objectives and KPIs.
Quality measurements.
Process modeling.
Customer Journeys.
Experience Mapping.
Contact channel design.
Operational customer segmentation.

Organization and people

Organizational modeling linked with process and systems.
Employee Experience.
Professional Development.
Cultural transformation.

Operations Management

Knowledge management.
Performance scorecard development.
Forecasting and Planning.
Security Management.
Business Continuity Planning.
Workforce Management.

Vendor Management

Business-aligned contracting.
Competitive Bid processes (RFP, RFI, RFQ).


Physical resources and services needed to deliver a service.


Telecommunications and systems aligned with processes and business strategy.
Voice, data network design and implementation.
Systems integration and Software development systems supporting the operation and customers.
Contact Center architecture.


Our Core Values

Earn trust

We believe that honesty and integrity help form trust, which is the basic foundation upon which any meaningful relationship is built. Trust is earned through direct, truthful and open communication, by “doing the right thing”, and by consistently delivering on promises. We recognize this and actively plan, think and act accordingly.


We set high standards for ourselves and for others so to ensure that we meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and their customers. Whether we provide technical, customer or general management expertise, excellence is a primary value we deliver to our clients. We take steps to continually improve our skills and competencies in order to better serve our clients.


In an increasingly digital world, we remember to keep things human. Technology is the tool. Humanity is the goal. We believe in the value of individual contributions and in the synergy of teamwork. We believe in continuous learning and improvement. While we strive for perfection, we admit that as humans we will have multiple “learning opportunities” and treat them as such.


We respect all our customers, vendors, employee, partners, and collaborators. We respect the institutions that govern our society. We respect the earth and our environment.
Respect ensures that we think as a community, that we communicate appropriately with each other, and that we act conscientiously.


We believe in the power of relationships. Every project is an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with a client, brick by brick, project by project. Relationships are, at the same time, the glue that binds things together and the oil that makes things move smoothly.

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