ON Solutions: Experts in Operations
Knowledge, experience, professionalism, customer-focused, business-aligned.


About Us

ON Solutions is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in customer management, contact center operations, technology management, process improvement, customer experience design and implementation, and project management.

The professionals on our team and in our network are experienced in our target fields of focus and share our vision of being a recognized global management consulting leader in helping businesses improve their operations.

Culture and People

We are like-minded, experienced professionals who apply our expertise for the benefit of our clients and their customers producing real impact and perceived value.

Employees and vetted network consultants work together using our corporate toolset and methodology to deliver what our clients expect and more.

Whether employee or collaborator, our consultants are all entrepreneurs in their own right, understanding the varied demands growing a business.

For those who have a passion for the customer and for helping businesses improve their performance, and whose “superpower” can add value to the collective team, ON Solutions may be the place for you.


Our Core Values

Earn trust

We believe that honesty and integrity help form trust, which is the basic foundation upon which any meaningful relationship is built. Trust is earned through direct, truthful and open communication, the judgement to “do the right thing”, and by consistently delivering on promises. We recognize this and actively plan, think and act accordingly.


We set high standards for ourselves and for others so to ensure that we meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and their customers. Whether we provide technical, customer and general management expertise, excellence is a primary value we deliver to our clients. We take steps to continually improve our skills and competencies in order to better serve our clients.


In an increasingly digital world, we remember to keep things human. Technology is the tool. Humanity is the goal. We believe in the value of individual contributions and in the synergy of teamwork. We believe in continuous learning and improvement. While we strive for perfection, we admit that as humans we will have multiple “learning opportunities” and treat them as such.


We respect all our customers, vendors, employee, partners, and collaborators. We respect the institutions that govern our society. We respect the earth and our environment.
Respect ensures that we that we think as a community, that we communicate appropriately with each other, and that we act conscientiously.


We believe in the power of relationships. Every project is an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with a client, brick by brick, project by project. Relationships are, at the same time, the glue that binds things together and the oil that makes things move smoothly.





Among ON Solutions collaborator profiles, we have the following skillsets. More skillsets are being developed and added each week. For each project, we will present the client with a complete profile description of the specific professional(s) that would work on the project.

Technical skills

• Customer Experience Management
• Contact Center Architecture
• Voice and data networking
• Cloud and premise-based architecture
• SaaS: architecting, transitioning, operating
• Management of Customer Insights and Voice of Customer Programs
• Agile, Scrum, TQM
• SDLC Management
• Systems Administration (Linux and Windows environments)
• Java, C, PHP, SQL, HTML, XML
• RPA, AI and BPM tools
• BI Tools (Tableau, Qlikview, SAP Business Objects)
• Voice systems (Avaya, Genesis, Nice, Asterisk-based, open source)
• Network Management systems OSs, and tools (Cisco IOS, Openview, Cacti, Centreon, MRTG, OTRS, SNORT, Splunk)
• CRM/ERP/Contact Management/Ticketing systems (SAP, Salesforce, SugarCRM, VtigerCRM, XCally, Zendesk, Twilio, Five9, Presence)
• Contact Center Support tools (WFM, CMS, Blue Pumpkin, Verint, CSI VO)
• Workforce management methodologies

Management and strategic skills

• Strategy formulation and execution
• Customer-centric leadership
• Leading business transformation
• Project Management
• Creating and Maintaining a High Performance Culture
• Risk Management
• P&L ownership
• Financial modeling and forecasting
• Business Development
• Sales Force Management
• Business Process Improvement
• International (global) operations
• Strategic Decision-Making
• Data-driven Decision-Making